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Updated: Mar 11, 2021

If like me, you love crafts then you probably have a drawer full of supplies. I have always hated wasting things so I rarely throw away anything that I can one day use for my crafts. Therefore, the result is more a junk drawer rather than anything else.

However, when Christmas time arrives I get really inspired and I can always find a way to create something cool using the supplies I had collected throughout the whole year.

This time I decided to utilize my old yarn. I had lots leftover yarn from my knitting projects. Unfortunately they were all different colours, kinds and lengths so I couldn't use them to knit anything. This is why I decided to start my Crafty Christmas by creating these Christmassy decorations and I think they turned out pretty good.

This project is really easy and anyone can do it, in fact the whole process consists only of two

steps. All you need is cardboard, yarn, pen, scissors and a couple of spare hours. If you do not have any yarn you could use the same technique with a twine or even a colourful thread. Another idea is to put glue on the letters and cover them in glitter for some Christmas sparkle. Working with glitter however can be quite messy and since glitter is not compostable it is not as eco-friendly as the rest.

Step 1 is to make the letters out of cardboard.

I used some Amazon boxes that I had from a delivery that day.

The most important thing is to measure the letters so that they are all the same height.

Try to make the lines more or less the same width but do not worry about it too much because once you put the yarn around them it will cover most of the imperfections.

As you can see some of mine were quite wonky too.

I would advise you to make all the letters before you start wrapping with the yarn as you might need some letters more than once. Then just use the first one you created to outline the others.

I forgot to do that so I had three Rs and I had to draw each one of them separately so they are not exactly that same.

Oh well...

Step 2 is to wrap them

Check which side of the letter is going to be the face side and start by making a knot at the back and leave some yarn hanging free so you can tie it again at the end.

Wrap it very tightly so that you can't see the cardboard anymore.

If you have a letter with a hole in it like R and A in my case, that is a bit of a pain because it is quite hard to get the yarn through and it takes a bit longer so definitely start with that part of the letter first.

When you have covered the whole thing cut off the extra yarn and tie a tight knot with the yarn you left in the beginning.

And that is it! I told you it was simple! I made letters but you can do anything Christmas related. Why not ginger bread people, Christmas trees, stars, presents, angels or anything you want, really!

These are a great craft project as they could have different uses: from spelling a delightful wish or family member's names to turning them into Christmas tree ornaments.

Just insert another piece of yarn through

the top and put them on the tree branch.

You could also use them to make a garland which would be more interesting and different than the generic ones in the shops.

It is really important that we utilize everything we can in our households in order to reduce the amount of plastic we purchase. If you can it is always better to make something and not buy it. It is really easy to be more sustainable this Christmas!

Whatever you decide to do at least you will be able to find some use for your random craft supplies and have fun creating something unique!

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