7 fun crafts to do with your kids this Christmas

Updated: Mar 11, 2021

Do you and your kids love crafts? Then what better time than Christmas to sit together and work on some festive decorations! We all know this time of the year is expensive enough as it is when you have to buy so many presents, so there really is no reason to spend even more money buying Christmas decorations, which let's be honest can be quite expensive.

Making your ornaments is a perfect way to spend more time with your kids, teach them to be creative and of course spend less money!

So here are 7 ideas for a crafty and sustainable Christmas.

However, if you let your imagination run wild you can come up with your own creations by reusing and recycling things around the house you no longer need or use! So take out your craft supplies and let your creative juices snow!

1. Reuse Old Jars

I am sure we all have lots of empty jars laying around the house and if not you can get your hands on some quite easily. For this one you can turn an empty jar into a cool Christmas lantern without much effort! Make sure it is clean, decorate it and fill it with pine cones, a candle or leave it empty. Reusing and creating is so much better than buying!

2. Yarn Decorations

Do you have old yarn laying around the house that you have no use of? Transform it into letters and spell a delightful Christmas message, the family members names or any Christmassy shape that you like! I promise they are really easy to make. Check them out here.

3. Greeting Cards

It's Christmas time and that means one thing... you will be sending a lot of greeting cards.

Instead of buying generic, boring cards this year it would be really fun to actually make them yourselves! It is more personal to receive something which was made specifically for you and shows your family and friends you are thinking about them! Simply fold your paper in two and let the kids draw whatever Christmas ideas they have. Personally, my favourite is the deconstructed snowman!

4. Christmas tree decoration

Isn't it boring when your Christmas tree looks the same every year? Spice things up by creating your own bauble designs. Now, you can make these any colour and shape you want! The great news is you don't have to be worried when you handle them because they won't break like some of your other baubles.

5. Homemade Cookies

I don't know if baking counts as a craft but making cookies can certainly be lots of fun! Use Christmas characters and objects for inspiration. You can make these as present for someone or even better leave them out for Santa on Christmas eve. I think he would really like it if they looked like him! Get the recipe here.

6. Mini Christmas tree

You probably already have a Christmas tree but if you are in the Christmas spirit you can never have too many. To make your own tree you just need cardboard, green paint and glue gun. Cut out 8 identical shapes, paint them green and then glue them together in the center. You could place them around the house, or make a hole in the top and put them on your actual Christmas tree. It would look tree-mendous!

7. Glitter stars

All that glitters might not be gold but these sure are great! You just need skewer sticks, colourful paper and glue! What could be easier? They are great homemade presents from your children and not just for Christmas but you can make them for any occasion. After all, there is no such thing as too much glitter!

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